Joe Filko Registered – And So Can You!!!

Atlas must have shrugged when Joe Filko registered for the All Classes of the 1970s reunion Elks Club Extravaganza being held August 11, 2012!

As a High School teacher Joe exposed our “young minds” to “Atlas Shrugged”!

This was an incredible experience for us: it was thought provoking and it was 900+ pages!!! Who knew that was possible!

Now Atlas Shrugged is being made into a three part movie – the first has been released so you might want to have a quick review by watching the movie. Then again, there still is that 900 page book!!!!

We’ve all lived a little since then, perhaps you have some thoughts on Atlas Shrugged that you would like to discuss with Joe!

Just register and bring them with you or post them on or the Facebook discussion group!

Joe Filko successfully registered!!!

Can you???

Can John Gault???

By the way “Who Is John Galt“???

Fred Nelson,
Class of 1975


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