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You CAN go home again!

It’s been said you can’t go home again!  Eh, what do they know? We’re hoping as many of you as can from the graduating classes of the 1970’s will join us on August 11, 2012 to reunite and enjoy an evening of reminiscing and making some new memories. We are working hard to make it  Read more »

Renew Friendships & Make New Friends

Since joining FB I’ve made more friends from high school than I had when I was in high school. It’s been great to renew old frienships and make new friends online, but it will be so much better to see them all in person at the all 70’s class reunion this Summer ! I Want  Read more »

Reconnect with Friends from Other Classes – All Classes of the ’70s Reunion

One of the coolest things about the upcoming reunion for me is the fact that not only do you get to see your friends from your class, but you get to see your friends from other classes! We invite you all to join us the weekend of Aug.10th-12th. For more information check out our website  Read more »

Friday Aug 10, 2012 *VENU CHANGE*

Due to INCREDIBLE attendance, this event has been moved to Champs!!! We have a room in the back of Champs reserved for our group beginning at 7:00pm Friday Aug 10, 2012! See you there!!! 

High School Event Planning Meeting – Saturday March 24, 2012

Anyone interested in helping to plan Saturday, Aug. 11 activities centered at State College Area High School can gather Saturday, March 24, 2012 at noon, in the Cafe at Wegman’s. Tours of the high school, music programming, and area tour opportunities will be discussed. We would love to have some band members from the Munich gang with us that  Read more »

State High Lipdub 2012

This video is AMAZING – we need to make our own ’70s version at the reunion!  

Reunion Committee Meeting – Saturday March 17, 2012

The next All Classes of the ’70s Reunion Committee meeting will be held this coming Saturday, March 17, 2012 in the “Dining Room” at Wegmans in State College, PA. All are welcome!  See you there – and remember it’s St. Patty’s Day!!!

Elks Club – Saturday August 11, 2012

The All Classes of the ‘70sReunion continues to grow everyday and your reunion committee is “Taking Care Of Business” everyway!!! It quickly became clear that we needed a MUCH bigger venue for our Saturday night party and we got just that – the Elks Club!!! Every one of us has attended an event or two  Read more »