Your financial donations will help us have a bigger & better party!

Please note: any amount that you donate will be in ADDITION to your reunion ticket cost.

Donations will be used for:

  1. food & beverage
  2. facility and equipment rental
  3. decorations

Any funds remaining after the reunion will be used as follows;

  1. Should the reunion be such a success that it becomes an annual event; the funds will be held in escrow for following years.
  2. Should this be a one-time event the Reunion Committee will determine how the balance of the funds will be donated to the State College Area High School.
  3. In either case a full accounting will be available publicly on this site.

There are two ways to donate:

  1. Select a Donation Level
  2. Roll Your Own Donation – specify an amount

Donations using Donation Levels

Select Level:

  1. $35 – Tie Dye
  2. $50 – Feelin Groovy
  3. $100 – Afternoon Delight
  4. $250 – Right On
  5. $350 – Far Out

Donation Level


Roll Your Own Donation

Specify Your Donation Amount

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