Far Out Man – Over 300 Registrations

Far Out Man!!!
Over 300 classmates and faculty have registered for the All Classes of the ’70s reunion to be held on August 11, 2012.

If you didn’t register in time you can still attend the following:

  • Champs Party – Friday Night
  • High School tour – Saturday
  • High School Program – Saturday
  • Brunch – Sunday
  • Arboretum Tours – Sunday

All the info on these events is here on the site!

See you soon, Man!!!

And The Beat Goes On……

And the beat goes on….

I think I am more excited than I have ever been to attend a reunion!

We have had a great response from everyone and having the opportunity to see classmates from other graduating years is such a plus. There are many more that we haven’t had a peep from!

We do indeed have some sibling sets attending. If you have registered and have a sibling that hasn’t, well you know what you need to do.

The committee has worked hard to make sure this will be a great weekend for all those attending and we can’t wait to see everyone.

Sarah (Flay) Derber,
Class of 1974

High School Tour & Program – Saturday August 11, 2012 – Tour: 10:00am & Show: 1:00pm

Whether you are in or out for the Saturday night Extravaganza at the Elks, there is a whole lotta love gonna be shown at State High Saturday afternoon, August 11th.

A lot of free stuff to do … you can self-tour the high school between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. At 1, known as big hand on 12 and little hand on the 1 in some high schools, we’ve got the Current State High Marching Band, faculty guests, and a tribute to the State High Marching Band from our era.

Some old musicians (face it, we are all old) will offer up some memories… it will be a blast.

Remember, ALL daytime events at the high school are free, and even if you can’t make it Saturday night, get down, get down to the high school.


Chuck Yorks,
Class of 1973

270 State High Faculty & Students Can’t Be Wrong!

We are THRILLED to announce that our registration total is now an incredible 270!!! 

If you look on the site you’ll see a smaller number, this is because we verify that everyone who has registered is fine with their name appearing on the attendance list and this process takes five days.  The folks who registered in the past five days (including the weekend) don’t appear on the list yet.

Now that we’ve extended the registration until Sunday August 5, 2012 it would be really awesome to break 300!  Let’s all ask around and get 30 more at least!

Since so many are coming there is a BIG chance that you’ll see many friends from our “era” – so if you were “sitting on the fence” now is the time to sign up!!!

See you there!!!

Fred Nelson,
Class of 1975


Registration Extended to August 5, 2012 Because We’re Famous!!!

Registration Extended until Midnight August 5, 2012 – Because we’re Famous!

Suddenly the All Classes of the ‘70s reunion was so big that it was covered in the August issue of State College The Magazine!

We have tried to locate EVERYONE from All Classes of the ‘70s and there is a chance that many will hear about the reunion for the first time when they read this awesome magazine and we wanted to be sure they could register!

If you’ve decided to attend please register now – the Elks club needs as accurate a count as possible by Friday. We will keep registrations open during the weekend and add to this total. We absolutely must shutdown registrations at Midnight on Sunday August 5, 2012 as we need a final total Monday AM!

Check out State College The Magazine at: www.statecollegemagazine.com


PSU Arboretum Tours – Sunday August 12, 2012

The All 70’s Class Reunion is fast approaching, have you registered yet?

I hope you will join us Sunday, Aug 12, 2012 for Brunch at 10:30 am at the Autoport and then for the PSU Arboretum tours at 1:00 and 2:30 pm.

There is no charge for the Arboretum tours so there is no excuse not to take the tour of these beautiful gardens.

Please meet your tour guides, Scot and Charlene Chambers (’76), at the Overlook Pavilion off of Bigler Rd.

For directions and more information go to: http://arboretum.psu.edu/locale/index.html 

If you are planning to attend the tours please send me an e-mail at cindy@statehigh.net or message me on Facebook with the tour time you have selected so I may have a better idea of the number that might be attending for each tour.

If you can’t make the tour at the times listed, you arre welcome to visit the Arboretum any day from dawn to dusk to take a self guided tour.

Cindy Dunkle,
Class of 1976


Registration Deadline Fastly Approaching – Register Now!!!


Why we extended registration: http://www.statehigh.net/2012/07/registration-extended/

Register today – the direct link is: http://www.statehigh.net/register/

You can see who else is coming at: http://elks.statehigh.net

Don’t Delay – Register Today!!!

Friday August 10, 2012 – One Night – Two Awesome Events

One Awesome Evening – TWO Awesome Events!

There have been a few questions about the reunion events taking place on Friday August 10, 2012.

1) The Class of 1977 is having a Reunion Get Together at Tussey Mountain – information and on-line registration is available at:


2) All Classes of the ’70s Friday Mixer is being held at Champs State College – information is available here:


The Class of 1977 has the amazing opportunity to attend TWO events and we hope they all will!!!

The All Classes of the ’70s Reunion is Approaching!!!

August 11th approaches, and we’re getting excited about the entire reunion weekend, and… surprises in store for all. The show in the high school auditorium Sat at 1pm is worth the trip back. Just like the good ol’ days, Chuck Yorks has a fantastic line up! Along with memoribilia displays and projections on Sat, Friday evening at Champs, State High school tours, golf & hotel packages, the Sunday …brunch options and Arboritum walks with ol’ friends … and more… this “celebration of the marching band in Munich year” involving faculty and all is really special.

More surprises await at the Big Night at the Elks, with special presentations. Doors open at 5pm. Anyone who wants to be the in group photos whether it’s the class of ’72, class of ’77, and/or ‘All 70’s Classes’ photo, arrive by 6pm. (Please help spread the word). Group photos can be ordered at the event, and mailed to alumni afterward.

Also, if you are at the Elks during the reunion, and you want to help out a little bit, please just go to anyone on the committee and let him or her know. There are always details to tend to and to help keep the night running smoothly. The support for this event has been outstanding. Thx! The 1970’s was a special time to come of age, indeed.

Until soon…

Denise McClellan,
Class of 1974

Friday Aug 10, 2012 – Champs State College *VENU CHANGE*

Due to INCREDIBLE attendance, our Friday Night event has been moved to Champs!!!

We have a room in the back of Champs reserved for our group beginning at 7:00pm Friday Aug 10, 2012!

See you there!!!