Reconnecting with Friends – All Classes of the ’70s

It is exciting to see how many people have joined the All Classes of the 70’s Reunion page.  It always brightens up my day by finding someone new that I had lost touch with for so many years.

Many of us have lived elsewhere over the years and others have remained here in State College but the thing that binds us all is the sense that State College was (and still is for some) home.

It’s been great to see so many people join in with comments or pictures of the way we grew up here. I don’t think many of us at the time realized how lucky we were.

The chance to reconnect is why I am hoping all of you are also checking the webpage to keep up with any new developments for the reunion being held August 10-12, 2012.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Sarah Derber,
Class of 1974

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