Welcome Home All Classes of the ’70s!!!

My reunion with a decade of graduates from State High is now in the books. What a night it was! The hugs were long and heart felt. The kisses were more meaningful. You wanted to hold them that extra moment and feel the people you know. It was enriching for the soul.

Some of them made long journeys and others drove from their homes nearby. But, we all met at one place, this place we call home. It was not about the trip, it was about the journey of our lives. How did we navigate the hills and valleys of who we have become. For, these people, the people that were there at the beginning were there to see the beginning of it all. The real friends. I heard stories I was embarrassed to hear, stories I didn’t remember and facts that were rearranged by time. And we laughed at all of it.

It was great to see some of the teachers that came to the reunion. You could tell they were touched to be invited to the event. What must they have been thinking? They…saw us in our youth and in our most raw state. They helped us and guided us as we hope we guided our own children. What satisfaction they must feel to see these adults with children and grand children. I think they rest well knowing what they did for us. I know we are grateful for who they are. They cared for us before we cared for much of anything. They knew what Happy Valley was about, long before we did. We were blessed to have their guidance. We all thank them.

The work involved with this event was immense. I hope the committee enjoyed what they created. We all thank you. I hope the work didn’t get in the way. For what I saw I don’t think it did.

I was asked, before the reunion, about the mood of the town. Some of my close friends were thinking of not coming back because of the recent events. I told them we are not standing on the street corners crying. We are moving on. They all came and I think they are glad they did. This place we call home is very special to all of us. We just happen to live in a place where these horrible events happened. We all know what this place we call Happy Valley is. Our hearts are good and our will is strong. So, when people ask me where I am from I love telling them. The reactions are interesting. I just know they don’t have a clue to what we have here. I know you all do, because what you learned here, felt here, and experienced here is the base of who you are. So, I will leave with two heart felt words. Welcome Home!

Pat Little,
Class of 1971

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